1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Bailey  PE  Prep  Team Sports  Drivers Ed  
Blackmon  Algebra I B  Prep  Algebra 1 B  Algebra 1  Algebra I B
Buck  Prep  Career Prep A  IT Fundamentals Guitar  Career Prep B
Caffee Algebra II with Trig  PreCal  Prep  ACT Prep  Algebra II with Trig
Clark  Chemistry  Adv Chemistry  Prep  Practical Science  Geology
Cox  Art Appreciation  Prep  Beginner Band  Jazz Band  Concert Band
Cross  US History 11  US History 10  US History 10  US History 11  Prep
Dodd  Prep  Eng 9  Eng 11  Reading  Eng 9
Dukes  Eng 12  Eng 11  Eng 12  Shakespeare  Eng 12
 A. Elmore  Government  Prep  Government  Fun with Math  AL History/Civics
 T. Elmore  NA  NA

 (First half)
(Second half)
English 9

 Prep  Geometry B
Englebert  World History  Human Geography  World History  Art History  Prep
Farnetti  Biology  Biology  Anatomy  Biology  Prep
 Filgo  Prep  College Math  Career Math B  Geometry  Geometry
Greene  Holocaust Studies  AP History  Career Tech first 30 min.  Prep  History 11
C. Hiott  Earth & Space Science  Environmental Science  Fitness and Conditioning  Earth & Space Science  Prep
D. Hiott  Prep  PE  Fitness Conditioning  Sports  Kinesiology
Hubbard  AP English  Eng 10  Eng 10  Eng 10  Prep
Lamar  Family & Consumer Science  Dietetics  Prep  Family Wellness  Family Wellness
Lint      Self Contained  Self Contained  Self Contained
Mabry  Registrar  STEMS  Earth & Space  School Newspaper/Prep  Physics
McKinney      Yearbook  Transition services  
 Pair  Prep  Bible as Literature  Eng 11  Contemporary Issues/Current Events  TV & Photography Editing