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Geometry Course Syllabus

Bryan Filgo Instructor: Bryan Filgo

Course Description: The Geometry course builds on Algebra 1 concepts and increases students' knowledge of shapes and their properties through geometry-based applications, many of which are observable in aspects of everyday life. This knowledge helps develop visual and spatial sense and strong reasoning skills. The Geometry course requires students to make conjectures and to use reasoning to validate or negate these conjectures. The use of proofs and constructions is a valuable tool that enhances reasoning skills and enables students to better understand more complex mathematical concepts. Technology should be used to enhance students ' mathematical experience, not replace their reasoning abilities. Because of its importance, this Euclidean geometry course is required of all students receiving an Alabama High School Diploma.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Algebra 1 is required prior to taking this course.

Class fee: none Class supplies: A 3-ring binder with pocket dividers and a zipper pouch, an ample supply of college rule notebook paper, graph paper (quad paper), pencils, glue sticks, lined post-it notes, a ruler, protractor, compass, and a graphing or scientific calculator are needed for this class. TI-83 Graphing calculators are available for student use while in the classroom at WBHS.

Instructional Philosophy:  To be successful students will need to be prepared. Read the material in the text prior to each class. Learn the vocabulary of geometry. Take careful notes and include examples in their entirety. Be sure to do all assigned problems. Answers to the odd problems are in the back of the book, so check to make sure you are working them correctly. If you do not fully understand an assignment you should get help. Show your attempted solutions to your instructor. To prepare for a test, review your notes. Then proceed through the chapter review. Work lots of problems. Everyone needs to practice and solving problems shows you where you need more work. It is also beneficial to rework previously assigned problems. Take advantage of after school study sessions and early morning reviews. Use the online resources found at Above all keep a positive outlook and keep up with your assignments. This course moves quickly. Thus, good attendance is very important.

Course Goals:     The standards for this course can be found in the updated Alabama Course of Study. This can be downloaded at

Assessment Procedures: The final grade for this course will be calculated as follows. Each 9-week grade will count 2/5 of the final grade and the term exam will count 1/5 of the final grade. Students’ 9 weeks grades will be computed using category points as follows:

Exams/ Quizzes/Projects……….60%

Homework (graded on effort only)………………..40%

Daily work (assignments, group problems, activities, bell ringers/warm-ups, exit slips)…….40%  

Grading Scale: The scale outlined in the student handbook will be used.

Extra Geometry Help: Please let me know if you need help. My classroom will be open one afternoon each week for an afternoon study session. There will also be an early morning review offered on test days or earlier in the event of a conflict with another class. Please see the board in my classroom for dates and times. Be sure to sign up by the day before if you plan to attend.   In the event that no students sign up for a study session or review then it will be cancelled for that day.

Policy: Students are expected to follow policy as set forth in the Student Handbook and the Code of Conduct.

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